What is there to say?

I've been a documentary photographer for a very long time and have an unhealthy obsession with visually recording the irrelevance of everyday life.


Born in the UK, I spent many years living in Miami and travelling the world before settling here in Ibiza.

I shoot both film and digital, depending on the clients requirement or my mood at the time. When not taking photos on the street, I also undertake commercial, documentary and portrait commissions. 

During my career I have photographed missiles for British Aerospace, record boxes in Xray machines for album covers, Michelin chefs setting fire to kitchens, rocks stars doing what they do best, supercars, ​(not so) superstars, toured with music legends and have seen my work published worldwide. 

My life isn't exciting, so that's about it really.....

Rhyan Paul

Ibiza Street Photography © 2021


Documenting the decline of western civilisation one photo at a time - since 1989.

Frequently asked questions: 

"Do you only shoot in black & white"

I prefer monochrome for my personal work and shoot clients work in colour when requested.


"Do you use an assistant?" 

I generally work alone, but have a fantastic assistant on hand when required for bigger shoots.

"How often do you shoot on the streets?"

Every single day and as often as possible.

What camera do you use?" 

I use digital and film rangefinders for most of personal and documentary work. 35mm and medium format cameras when shooting film. Full frame mirrorless for commercial work. Often I am lazy and just use my phone.

"Who are your influences?"

Joel Meyerowitz, William Klein, Martha Cooper, Gary Winogrand, Walker Evans, Daido Moriyama, the list is endless.

"What is your best photo?"

I haven't taken it yet. Still working on it.